Last update : 29 may. 2022

Felly includes 3D perception decision hot simulation inter-vehicle data sharing vehicle control hot-multi-sensors manager

Felly Autonom Vehicle Software for all, has been developped by Sébastien FAVIER.

gazoline Peugeot 205 and electric BlueCar, for software experiments & perfections.

Developed from scratch in C#, C and C++, its main advantage is that the device's sensors are modular (plug & play). They rely primarily on stereoscopic & IR cameras, sonar, radar, and can optionally use lidars.

No PCL, or RTmaps, or other... Felly has very low library dependencies, all homemade, to simplify its deployment and versioning. Felly only uses the basic libraries offered by the host operating system, alsoTzu3D, [DirectX]( /wiki /DirectX), and the manufacturer SDKs/libraries associated with the sensors.

3D cloud point from stereoscopic camera and 2D lidar on Felly software

Autonomous Bolloré Bluecar

Ouster Ibeo Intel Microsoft Direct X Tzu3D engine